"Rapidly Find Clients Who Can Afford Your Prices"

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Never Worry About Cashflow Problems Again...

Keeping your pipeline full is essential to you meeting your sales revenue targets and avoiding the peaks and troughs of cash flow... but on its own, it’s not enough!

Here's the secret....... 'A SALES PIPELINE RECORD' 

(Your visual representation of your sales prospects and where you are in the sales cycle.) 

Now, here's the REAL Benefit;

It can be used as a business development tool!

This is so often overlooked by the majority of sales people or business owners who are doing their own selling.



The average amount of time it takes from first contact to sale

Where you are in the sales process

How close you are to meeting quota

  • Dylis Guyan

    “I have worked with Dylis for six months and in that time my sales have increased by 50%. I am delighted with what I have learnt and achieved by working with her.

    Dylis has given me clear effective strategies and processes to make selling easy. I call Dylis a sales dynamo, Dylis knows everything and more about the art of selling. She is supportive and inspirational, I recommend her highly.”

  • Dylis Guyan

    “We at the Gallery at London Glassblowing have just had our best quarter yet, as well as our best Christmas. Our team continue to be inspired by the messages, sales tips and strategies given to us all by Dylis during our sales training and it appears that the good sales trend is continuing in January, which is up on the same period last year. Dylis understood our needs and delivered her

    message in a very powerful, effective way”

  • Dylis Guyan

    “Your magnificent coaching and training ability helped me getting rid of mistakes I was never aware of.

    I was thinking of quitting the job as I was nowhere near hitting target but within two weeks of my sales training I started hitting target and over achieving within a month.

    I am very thankful to you as you made me believe in myself as a good seller. Even now, I implement the same fundamental principals and it works wonders for me.”